Biotechnology 1: Techniques

Personal Protective Equipment Micropipet Protocol Measuring Temperature, Mass, pH. Autoclaving Disinfecting w/ Bleach Determining mass per volume, volume per volume, percentages, ratios, proportions, dilutions, and molarity of solutions. DNA Extraction and Precipitation Chromatography Protocol Bacterial Classification Culturing Bacteria in the Laboratory Antiobiotic Selection: Kirby Bauer/Disk-Diffusion Test Aseptic Technique Streak Plate Technique Labeling Media Quantifying Bacteria… Read More Biotechnology 1: Techniques

Sleeping Habits vs. Social Media: Sleeping to Be Social

Hypothesis: If an individual spends a larger amount of hours on social media during the summer than during the school year, then the time the individual spends sleeping is reduced in the summer in correspondence to the higher usage of the technological platforms. Materials: Pencil/Pen Paper Laptop Google Spreadsheets Google Documents Calculator 40 Volunteers Procedures:… Read More Sleeping Habits vs. Social Media: Sleeping to Be Social